A group of armed men entered Lanao del Sur provincial jail on Sunday and helped eight detained comrades escape without firing a single shot, according to guards.

It only took the men ten minutes to accomplish their plan.

The men who escaped were members of the Maute Group and were arrested barely a week ago. The raiders were probably members of the bandit group that has pledged alliance to the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group in Syria and Iraq.

Terrorists raid Marawi City Jail in ten minutes
Photo by Inquirer
According to the provincial jail warden, Acmad Tabao, Fifteen other detainees, held for other offenses, also escaped during the raid.

All in all, 23 inmates escaped that night.

In a report on the raid, Johary Panaarag, officer of the day, said two women came to the prison gate around 5 p.m. on Saturday, asking the guard to take delivery of some food for the detainees.When the guard opened the gate, at least 50 heavily armed and men forced their way into the compound.

The raiders went to the the cells and looked for five men and three women, their comrades who were arrested on Aug. 22 when they were caught with weapons and bomb-making materials at a security checkpoint in Lumbayanague.

When they found their comrades, the raiders destroyed the cell’s padlocks and freed them, also freeing 15 other detainees facing murder and drug charges. Apparently to divert the attention of authorities. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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