According to the poll ran by the Star, business groups in the country gave President Rodrigo Duterte and his team a passing grade for their first 50 days in office. However, the concern over the observance of due process was inevitably raised.

“So far so good for the Duterte administration. I will give a grade of eight with 10 as the highest,” said Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) president Perry Pe.

Donald Dee, president of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines, said that they like what they see and hopes the president will stay the course.

One of the things Pe and his group liked the most are how infrastructure spending was given focus, the initiatives toward foreign direct investment and the easy flow of doing business, the move to jumpstart federalism and tax reform, and of course the peace talks with militant groups, and the campaign against criminality.

“However, we want a little more ASEAN initiative (and also) more government compassion with regard to the name and shame campaign, and more recognition of at least the procedural due process aspect,” Pe added.

So far, so good: Business climate during Duter’te first 50 days
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The MAP, being one of the largest and most influential business groups in the Philippines, has already submitted its wish list for the current administration in its initial 100 days in office.

Their wish list included solutions to Metro Manila’s traffic and transportation problems, the simplification of the tax system, and the catalysed development of infrastructure.

The Makati Business Club refused to disclose its assessment of the current administration, as the period is still too short.

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) gave kudos for the efforts of the government to fulfil its promise of eradicating drug trade nationwide. PCCI president George Barcelon said that the peace and order situation as perceived by the people contributed to the optimism and confidence for the business community for them to expand.

“The government budget signalled what the business community could expect as opportunities given the government’s advocacies for tax reform and for construction of more quality infrastructures,” Barcelon said, citing the on-time submission of the first budget to Congress.

The administration received similar positive sentiments from the foreign business community. European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) president Guenter Taus expressed his delight that Duterte’s economic team was prompt to act ahead of the inauguration with a 10-point agenda.

“We can see that the administration is willing and working with the various chambers, and hard in creating change,” Taus added. 

“However, still much to be done, such as in traffic and public transportation. But we have to be fair and simply give government more time in order to fulfill their many difficult tasks. The ECCP is in close touch with the administration in supporting them wherever and whenever they need business to come and work hand in hand with government to expedite change,” he explained. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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