A lot of concerned people may have opposing views regarding the war on drugs launched by President Rodrigo Duterte, but Singaporean Ambassador to Manila Kok Li Peng remains optimistic about the current administration that it could bring the Philippines into prosperity.

According to Peng, Duterte is capable of transforming the Philippines into a first-world and crime-free economy because of his very comprehensive agenda. 

“I think your president has many challenges to face and to deal with. But what’s striking is that he’s got a very comprehensive agenda and his ensemble is very experienced and very capable. He’s going to do it,” Peng said on Thursday.

Singapore lauds Duterte administration
L - Singaporean Ambassador Kok Li Peng / R - Pres. Duterte
Duterte garnered over 16 million votes, with the Filipinos hoping that the tough-talking mayor hailing from Davao would be the one to bring change to the country.

The Oxford Business Group has disclosed that Duterte fortunately inherited one of the best economy in Southeast Asia where in a span of eight years, the Philippine Stock Exchange doubled from 3,600 in 2008 and 7,000 in 2016.

The foreign direct investment also tripled since 2008.

Kok is positive that the current administration could turn the country into a wealthy, modern, clean, and safe one. “I think it’s the Philippine’s time. Every country has a time. This is it.”

The ambassador also said that Singapore is more than willing to be with the Philippines on its journey to success. ASCS

Source: KAMI

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