From the list of officials involved in drugs that President Rodrigo Duterte released on Sunday, two turned out to be deceased.

In a press conference in Davao city, Duterte named 158 officials from the judiciary, police, military and local governments. From this list, there were seven judges allegedly involved in illegal drug trade.

However, according to the news site Rappler, one of these judges have passed away eight years ago. This is Judge Roberto Navidad of Calbayog City who has been dead for eight years. Navidad was killed in January 2008. Witnesses from the incident said that the judge was shot inside his car by an unidentified man as he left a pharmacy.

Several dead in Duterte’s list
President Rodrigo Duterte. Philippine Daily Inquirer File Photo
In Davao City, the provincial police command said that one of the police officers the president named  has been dead since 2013.

According to Senior Supt. Samuel Gadingan, a Police Officer 3 Filomeno Toronio died of cardiac arrest while he was assigned with another police unit in Mati City in Davao Oriental. 

As of the moment, several discrepancies have been found in Duterte’s list. He however, said that he claims responsibility for it.

“Any mistake of the military and the police dito, ako yung tagasalo. I ordered the listing, revalidation, I am the one reading it and I am the sole person responsible for the same," he said. MJM

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Sources: Rappler, Inquirer

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