Sereno fails in psych test
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Of the officeholder Supreme Court (SC) judges who applied for the Chief Justice position, Lourdes Sereno professedly acquired the lowest grade of "4" or a disappointment in the psychological and psychiatric tests which is a five point numerical framework where an evaluation of "5" was the most lowest score.

Under the psych exam, there was a five-point numerical rating system where 1 is the highest or most superior, 3 is the median and five the lowest, or a failing mark.

On the other hand, Associate Justice Teresita Leonard-De Castro who has reportedly been at odds with Sereno scored the highest with a “1” or excellent followed by Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who scored a “2.” Justice Presbiterio Velasco also scored a “2.”

The Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) said that the psychological and psychiatric evaluations of candidates for the Chief Justice and Ombudsman posts “do not matter.”

“As long as there are no findings of psychosis, then the candidate is qualified,” Lawyer Milagros Cayosa, representative of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) to the JBC told reporters on the sidelines of the 23rd Conference of the Presidents of Law Associations in Asia.

“As we already stated, before we even take a vote, we determine if there are those who suffered from any disqualification including failure to pass the psych evaluation, so it is safe to conclude that whoever is voted upon has no infirmities as far as psych evaluation is concerned,” Cayosa said.

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Source/s: Global Balita, Inquirer

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