Last Thursay, President Rodrigo Duterte apologized to Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Serano—a  bold move appreciated and accepted by the Chief Justice.

Duterte expressed his apology for his “harsh words” and said that they were not intentional.

Supreme Court spokesmen Theodore Te has forwarded the statement of Sereno acknowledging the comment by the President on the issue, “The Chief Justice appreciates the President’s latest remarks. As previously announced, she would no longer say anything on this matter,” he said.

The president offered his apology during a televised late night press conference. However, Te disclosed that Sereno was not able to watch it, but was later on provided a script.

“I would like to apologize to the Chief Justice for the harsh words, which we never intended,” Duterte said. “Because of the magnitude of the problem, it was my way of solving the problem within the ambit of my powers as President.”

Sereno accepts Duterte’s apology
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It can be recalled that Duterte got mad over the letter from Sereno where she expressed her concern and reservations over the public announcement of officials who are allegedly involved in drugs. Sereno called the president’s move as “premature” and even warned the judges named not to surrender unless given arrest warrants.

Duterte quickly shot back, saying that a constitutional crisis or martial law is bound to happen if the judiciary meddles with his anti-illegal drug campaign.

It was a cause of worry for some who were already wary of his methods in handling the campaign, but it was immediately backed up by the Palace, saying that it was nothing more than a rhetorical question.

Several senators lauded the President for apologizing. “I see in Duterte a humble president who apologized when he realized he made a mistake. It is better to have a leader like that than someone who things he is always right,” Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said.

Sen. Angara also said that Duterte’s apology showed his personality and “perhaps it will aid the public in understanding him as a man and as a public official.”

 Even Senator Leila de Lima, who he has also been bickering with, also praised the president but challenged him to make clearer statements, especially on crucial issues.

“We can also rest assure that the possible declaration of martial law is not administration policy, if the President did not intend t say those harsh words in the first place. As I said, whatever the president says can be construed as policy.”

Meanwhile, Panelo said that the chief magistrate is willing to cooperate with Duterte in the anti-illegal drugs campaign. “We believe that the Chief Justice is cooperating with the government. We should be cooperating with each other.” ASCS

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