After the President threatened to pull out from the United Nations, senators were quick to defend his statement.

Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto said, “I don’t take it seriously. We are one of [the UN’s] founding members.” Senator Sherwin Gatchalian also believed that the president knew of the detrimental consequences to the country if he fulfills his threat.

“He is a very intelligent man. Leaving the UN will throw our nation back to the Stone Age. He knows very well that being an isolationist country is not in the best interest of the Filipino people,” Gatchalian explained.

Senators defend Duterte’s threat: don’t take it seriously
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The United Nations has extended massive help to the country in times of crises such as during the Supertyphoon “Yolanda” in 2013. They mobilized global resources to the affected areas in the country and also looked after people who were displaced by conflict and funding programs for the children’s benefit.

“I haven’t seen the actual press conference, but knowing the president, this is probably one of his off-the-cuff remarks to state his point,” Gatchalian said.

Meanwhile, according to Senator Richard Gordon, it was Duterte’s way of telling that UN that, “Hey, I’m doing my work here. I need your help. I don’t need your criticism.”

He also said that the UN should instead just take a look at how to stop the transnational spread of illegal drugs and to reprimand the governments in countries of origin.

According to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, it was just the way Duterte talks.

“I’ve always explained the way the President communicates. He always uses argumentum ad absurdum, where you bring the argument to the absurd,” he said.

Furthermore, ““I cannot speak for him, but my interpretation of what he said, that we should just leave [the UN], means that if you (UN officials) cannot be fair, the UN officials and you cannot see what we’re doing to keep the people peaceful and give them security, what is the organizations for?” ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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