Vice President Leni Robredo in earlier interviews once said that fellow VP aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. should be banned from working in a public office for his entire lifetime, considering the magnitude of wealth his family stole and the human rights abuses that that were committed during Martial Law.

Robredo: BBM should be banned from public office
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“With the magnitude of wealth that was robbed from us, dapat sana oo,” she responded upon being asked if she believes that the Marcos family should  be perpetually disqualified from public office.

She further reiterated her belief that if Marcos would be elected to a post as high as vice presidency, we would be a laughing stock of the world.

“Talagang naniniwala ako na if he (Bongbong) would be elected to office, lalo na for something as high as the vice presidency, parang laughing stock of the world tayo,” Robredo said in an interview with Karen Davila at ANC’s Headstart.

Robredo did not mince words as she strongly criticized the Marcoses for “brainwashing” the Filipinos even before the start of the campaign period.

“It didn’t start at the start of the campaign period. Parang the brainwashing really started many years na. Maraming nakalimot eh. Tingin ko dapat sana after EDSA happened, naging very conscious tayo to instill this. Naging part siya ng kwento, Naging part siya ng mga tinuturo sa paaralan. Iyong consciousness nandiyan,” she said.

Robredo beat Marcos in the elections by 263,473 votes. 

Source: Inquirer

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