Urban Legend: Real BBM has long been dead; what you see now is just a 'clone'
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Bongbong Marcos or Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos, Jr. was conceived on September 13, 1957. He was a former government official, and was one of the candidates of Vice president position on the May 2016 elections.

He is the only son and second offspring of previous Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos. The spouse of Mrs. Louise Cacho Araneta, and a father to 3 children.

The Legend

As indicated by bits of gossip, Bongbong Marcos was already dead, and the person we saw sitting in the Senate is just a clone of 'him'. The legend spread in late 1970s and in mid 1980's. 

The main adaptation of the legend has it that Bongbong Marcos had a combat with a fist with an Indian-national colleague. In the said battle, he was inadvertently stabbed by his schoolmate to death. Oddly, there was no news about his body been returned in the Philippines. 

The second version says, that he was killed in a street mishap in Manila (different stories recommend, it happened in London) when he was an adolescent. 

The third form has it that Bongbong was stole by radical armed forces from Mindanao, and he was slaughtered there. 

In continuation of the legend, Imelda Marcos persuaded one regarding his nephew, who nearly takes after his child, to experience a plastic surgery and put on a show to be Bongbong Marcos in supplant.

Who spread it?

Many speculates that the family's political rival probable cooked up the story to destroy the Marcosses. But, nobody knows who spread the legend or where this story originated from.

However, the way that the autocracy of Ferdinand Marcos is intense and famous, and the assertion of Martial Law added much matchless quality to his standard, individuals will in the long run be terrified. Along these lines, conceivably the urban legend is in political nature. Around then, it is conceivable that his throne will be passed to Imelda Marcos and afterward be succeeded by one of their kids. Bongbong Marcos is the main son who can succeed the tenet since his sisters, Imee Marcos, had other interest, and the other, Irene, was excessively youthful that time. 

Obviously, if the gossip is valid and Bongbong is truly dead, then the line and force of the Marcos Family will be stopped and be broken. But in the event that another Bongbong will supplant his shoes, in this way the family domain will at present proceed.

The fact!

Based on the way he talks and his physical characteristics, it's sufficed to say that the Bongbong we see today is genuine. The way he communicates, the way he moves, and the natural resemblance of his face from his mother is an evidence. 

In spite of the fact that the real goal behind the urban legend is still obscure, we can just expect that it's political in nature. Since Bongbong was the only son of the late president, the restriction most likely predicted him as the following huge danger. Thus the begin of the general population noise about Bongbong and his affirmed clone.

The Marcosses are doing anything they can to help and serve the country in their own way. Give them a chance to prove themselves. The chance that the people who voted them gave them. 

BBM airs his side about the myth.

Source/s: FilipiknowSpotPhilUrbanLegends

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