Quezon’s biggest drug lord “Athel’ Alcala surrenders
Photo by Danny Estacio/Manila Bulletin
Two members of a prominent family who are involved in big-time drug trafficking in Quezon are in the custody of the police.

Cerilo “Athel” Alcala, 59, and his son Sajid, 36, both surrendered on Sunday. They were accompanied by his brother who is the Quezon 2nd District Rep. Vicente Alcala and City Mayor Roderick A. Alcala.

Cerilo and Sajid were then presented to the media by Lucena police chief Dennis de Leon and Quezon provincial police director Antonio Yarra.

Congressman Alcala disclosed that he fetched Cerilo from a hospital in Manila and advised him to surrender in so that he could clear his name to the police. On the other hand, it was Mayor Alcala who ordered the Lucena police to arrest Cerilo (his uncle) and Sajid (his cousin).

The two are the most recent high-profile personalities who surrendered during the administration’s massive and intensified crackdown.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have already turned themselves in, threating the drug treatment facilities. Because of this, the government is now trying to make sure that they have the budget for it. ASCS

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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