FOLLOWING the report that Abu Sayaff beheaded another hostage anew, President Rodrigo Duterte directed again the police and armed forces to destroy the terrorist group.

Duterte, who is angry himself, said he has lost all faith in the Abu Sayyaf despite his “somewhat” connections through ethnic relations.

 “My orders to the police and armed forces against enemies of the state: seek them out in their lairs and destroy them... The Abu Sayyaf, destroy them, period,” Duterte said.

Pres. Rody to destroy Abu Sayaff
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"Napaka ano naman nila, diyan ako nawalan ng bilib sa inyo, I have this little connection by blood with you but you know, nawalan talaga ako ng bilib sa inyo (I've lost my belief in you)," he added.

He explained that though most Abu Sayyaf members are of Tausug lineage, he too traces his roots from his Maranao mother.

"I'll be harsh. Not just a campaign. Go out and destroy them. Huwag na kayo magtanong ng human rights. (Don't ask about human rights.)” he ended. 

 Major Filemon Tan, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Mindanao Command spokesman, said that the head of Patrick Almodovar was found at around 7:30 pm in Barangy Kajatian, Indanan in Sulu province. AJRSP

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