KNOWN for standing firm on his ground, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will live by his words as he has evidence to back his allegations to Senator Leila De Lima.

In a report, Duterte said:“She’s an immoral person…Yes, I already have (evidence). Gusto niyong malaman kung totoo ‘yan, pumunta kayo sa justice department, sa (Commission on) Human Rights, i-validate n’yo, tapos kung sabihin n’yong nagsisinungaling ako, balikan n’yo ako (If you want to know if it’s true, go to the justice department [and] to the Commission on Human Rights, validate it yourselves and if you accuse me of lying, get back to me).”

Duterte told reporters, Thursday, in an ambush interview before speaking with troops in Camp Siongco in Cotabato City that he will not speak unless he has the strong evidence.

Pres. Rody to De Lima: I have evidences
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“Siya lang ang hindi nakakaalam. Alam ng buong Pilipinas… Bakit ako magsalita kung wala akong ebidensya? Ano ‘ko, parang siya, gaga (She’s the only one who doesn’t know. The entire Philippines knows. Why would I speak without evidence? What am I, a fool like her)?” the President added.

De Lima, for her part said that what Duterte showed is “no elss than an abuse and misuse of executive power.”

“I do not think the Constitution has ever contemplated such abuse of power on such scale as it assumed every President to conduct himself in a manner befitting the office he holds. It seems that this is not the case of the President,” De Lima said in a press statement.

When asked about De Lima’s response of “abuse of power” and plea to spare her family from attacks, Duterte said it was the lady senator who throw the ball first by  accusing police amid the government’s waged war against illegal drugs and criminality.

 “She created this scandal. She knows that she is a public official. Anong (What) spare the family? De Lima, your life is an open book,” Duterte said.

“I did not go overboard but she did… Pinagbibintangan niya yung mga pulis na ganoon, ganoon… P****** namamatay na nga ‘yung pulis oh (She’s accusing the police. S** of a b****, the cops are getting killed),” he added.

Duterte on Wednesday slammed De Lima of “political posturing” and tagged her as an “immoral woman” for an alleged affair with her driver, whom he said “collected drug money to fund her campaign.” AJRSP

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