"Ma'am, my words are not accusatorial, it is not criminal information, it's just my word against the others because I have a duty to tell the public so they know of the dangers facing our country and the people who are contributing to the drug trade." 

These was Duterte's reponse to Chief Justice Sereno's letter over public declaration of alleged narco-judges on Sunday.

"Ma'am, hindi lalabas ang pangalan diyan – as early as 5 years ago, nandiyan 'yung pangalan," he added.

Concerning the way that one of the judges died years back, Duterte said that does not influence the credibility of the rundown.

Pres. Duterte to Sereno: I'm just doing my duty
Photo by CNN Philippines
"It's not corrected but it remains on record. Hindi naman kami pinapaalam kung patay ka o hindi, basta nandiyan ang pangalan mo," he said.

The President again communicated his fretfulness with the justice system. 

"Otherwise, kung maghintay lang ako ng huli-huli araw-araw, isa-isa, tapos abugado tapos mag-trial tayo, pagkatapos ng trial convicted ka, mag appeal ka, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, it would take 10 years for one individual," he said.

"We are agreed there is a crisis. How am I now to meet the challenges of this crisis?" he asked.

Duterte is set to name more authorities connected to the drug exchange as a feature of his across the country battle against medications.

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Source: Rappler

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