It has only been two months since a new president sat in the Philippines. Yet the headlines have been screaming. Some call him a visionary. Some call him a slaughterer. Nevertheless everyone could agree that this man could start a revolution, or is a revolution himself.

But despite his vigour and intrepidness, the man is far from strong, and far from safe.

When Rodrigo Roa Duterte sat as president, he has shaken the country. With his campaign against illegal drugs linking him to the killings of over a thousand suspects,  and earning him criticisms and enemies even from the United Nations. Not only is the president at the danger of being targeted by the country’s powerful drug lords and personalities, he is also facing possible charges from international courts.

Prayers for the President
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Is Duterte giving the go signal for these deaths? Could he, if in fact proven to be behind this, justify these actions?

One thing is certain. Duterte has earned himself a lot of enemies. And anywhere in the world, people take down their enemies. Anywhere in the world, even presidents can get killed.

Recently, Duterte has also stated that he has problems with his health. An accident he got into when he was 67 years old, caused permanent damage to his spine. The president also talked of migraines causing him to cancel his scheduled plans from time to time.

Aside from his problems on his physical health, he also claimed that life as a president is “lonely”.  He said he would not run if given the chance to go back in time.

Perhaps now it is only fair to say that whether we opt to be a critic or a supporter, the president deserves to be included in our prayers. Not because his actions are justifiable, not because he is the perfect leader of this country, unflawed and in all ways righteous, but because he is a man who, in his own way of displaying “patriotism” for our country, has put his life at risk.

The Philippines does not want to see another president fall. MJM

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