Policeman shot in anti-drug operation, now critical — source
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A police officer in Cagayan de Oro was shot by a drug pusher last August 6 during police operations according to source.

The officer was brought to a hospital in CDO and is now on mechanical ventilation.

The man was a part of a police group pursuing an alleged drug pusher during Operation Tokhang. “Tokhang” is a Visayan word "to approach and talk". It was launched as part of the campaign to warn illegal drugs traffickers and users that law enforcers are turning on the heat.

Under this operation, law enforcers go door to door to talk to suspected drug users and pushers to “talk”. 

Meanwhile, netizens have voiced out on the incident, calling the attention of the CHR.

“Commission on Human Rights, where the heck are you? Busy coddling inhuman criminals huh? Ang mga taong ito ang dapat ipagtanggol ninyo!” wrote one netizen who shared the story on Facebook.

Several Filipinos have called for more attention and appreciation to the policemen who are also risking their lives for the new president’s war against drugs.

While in CDO, a village chief has also opposed the police's anti-illegal drugs campaign, saying it violates human rights.

"Sa Oplan Tokhang, it consists only a violation of the right to privacy. It promotes self incrimination," said Jaime Frias II, chief of Barangay 23. MJM

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