ALUMNI of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) are backing behind the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s chief, Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

This, amid the increasing criticisms on the government’s waged war on drugs.

On Facebook, PMA alumni are affixing their names to an open letter declaring their support for the Police Chief.

Former PNP chief Arturo Lumibao and retired police general turned legislator Leopoldo Bataoil were among the “signatories” to the message of support.

PMA backs “Bato” and the “war against drugs”
Photo by: PNP Chief Dela Rosa Facebook page
The support message was posted on the walls of several PMA active and retired alumni.

“The people who matter, the people who feel the changes brought about by the relentless war against drugs, the people who are victims, whose loved ones are victims and are now being rendered justice and the people who once lost hope but are now looking at a drug-free and peaceful Philippines want you and the whole Philippine National Police to know that they appreciate your efforts, your sacrifices, your lack of sleep, your fatigue and the extraordinary risks you take,” the statement said.

Eliminating drugs in the country is among the President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign promises. And on his war against illegal drugs, Dela Rosa is among the top guys.

When Dela Rosa officially assumed office on July 1, over 11,000 drug suspects has been arrested by PNP in its intensified operations around the country.

The “Oplan Tukhang,” a literal knock and plead operation by cops, had made surrender more than 600,000 drug users and pushers and have allegedly let to the death of over 700 drug suspects. 

At present, Police are investigating more than 1,000 “vigilante-style” drug-related deaths.

 “Do not worry about the senseless mumbling of the ‘righteous’ nor the indignation of the now irrelevant civil society nor the vain attempt of ‘human rights’ activists to distort the truth and to give primary consideration to the drug peddlers and lords rather than the unfortunate victims,” PMA alumni said

“Despair not at the words of grandstanding politicians, the demagogues of falsehoods, the whores of ultimate power. They have been unmasked and stripped. Now the people know their ugliness, their evil, their real intent,” it added.

“We, who share with you the Philippine Military Academy as the depository of what is noble, what is true, what is gallant and what is a worthy life, pledge our unequivocal support to you in the eradication of the drug menace, the peddlers, the cuddlers (sic), the protectors and the lords. We pledge that in whatever capacity we can, we will help. That, yes, in this gargantuan endeavor, you have us to count on. Sound the call, we will be there,” the statement continued. AJRSP

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