Japanese pole vaulting Olympian Hiroki Ogita has been going rounds in the social media after his Olympic failed moment caused by his penis.

Ogita will be (surely) blaming the size of his manhood after it caused him to foul during the qualifying rounds at the Rio Olympics last Monday, August 15.

He failed to clear the 5.45m bar (17.8 feet).

Penis ruins Pole vaulter’s Olympic dream
Photo by: AFP/Getty images
The 28-year-old athlete's knees first rattled the bar, which remained locked in “until his penis dragged it down.”  This, as showed in a video uploaded in YouTube:

Ogita's arms then followed the already crashing bar as his face became anguished, both from disappointment and, frankly, it was probably physically uncomfortable.

The incident left him in 21st place, ending his campaign in Rio.

But the good news is Ogita can still make a comeback in 2020 in his home country at the Tokyo Games. AJRSP

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