After Senator Leila de Lima expressed her birthday wish, which was for President Duterte to leave her alone so she can focus on her job as a senator, the Palace quickly responded.

“According to President Duterte, Senator De Lima has been having nightmares. So my birthday wish to the good senator is I hope she sleeps soundly tonight and thereafter,” said Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

This is following the allegations of the senator’s involvement in the drug matrix released earlier this week.

I hope you sleep soundly –Panelo to De Lima
Photo from ABS-CBN News
De Lima has refused to answer the allegations made against her, especially that one about her “Sexcapades” that led her to being linked to the drug trade in the NBP.

“Please, Mr. President… I’ll be 57 years old and still young. Sana po sa mgamatitira ko pang mga taon dito, mahaba-haba pa naman ho siguro yan, God-willing, dito sa mundong ito, makabuluhan naman ang aking mga gagawin rather than ito na napipilitan akong sumagot sa mga kabulastugan na ito,” De Lima said on Thursday. ASCS

Source: ABS-CBN News

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