PRESIDENTIAL Chief legal counsel, Salvador S. Panelo refutes Chief Justice’s Maria Lourdes Sereno comment that the announcement by President Rodrigo R. Duterte of the Judges' name is being immature.

“I beg to disagree with the CJ's comment that the announcement by PRRD of the Judges' name as suspects of being illegal drug coddlers as being premature,” he said in a press statement released to media Monday afternoon, August 8.

He added that the exposé is but to the “Judges' advantage.”

“The announcement is to the Judges' advantage as it will give them the opportunity to clear their names thru the media rather than when cases are formally filed against them which will give them a short time to file their counter-affidavits, and preclude them from discussing their defense in public because it will become subjudice,” Panelo added.

Panelo: Pres. Rody’s announcement not premature
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He also said that there is no denial of due process as the same starts when formal charges are filed not prior. 

“President Duterte’s move of announcing the names on the list of suspected drug lords, protectors and coddlers is pursuant to his constitutional duty to serve and protect the people,” he added.

This, as backed by Davao City first district representative and Duterte’s firm supporter, Karlo Nograles saying the President, as the highest executive in the country,  is duty-bound to name the criminal and begin the prosecution.

“President Duterte is the highest executive in the country, exercising control and supervision over the DOJ and all public prosecutors. So if the President wants to act as the highest prosecutor of the land that is well within his prerogative,” read Nograles’ Facebook post Monday morning.

Nograles added that the President has access to the most sensitive and classified information.

“Since the entire intelligence community reports to him, he can easily verify whatever raw data comes his way,” he said.

“And just like any prosecutor, when law enforcement agents come to his office with complaints against drug lords and crime bosses, he is duty-bound to name the criminal and begin the prosecution. President Duterte began his career in public service as a prosecutor - that's his expertise - so now he is showing us exactly how it should be done,” Nograles added.

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On Monday, Sereno Sereno admitted that the judiciary, a separate branch of government, was caught off guard by the president's announcement last Sunday morning in Camp Panacan, Davao City.

Duterte named eight judges allegedly involved in illegal narcotic trade.

"With all due respect, Mr. President, we were caught unprepared by the announcement. It would matter greatly to our sense of constitutional order, if we were given the chance to administer the appropriate preventive measures without the complications of a premature public announcement," Sereno said in a letter addressed to Duterte. AJRSP

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