Netizens comfort Pres. Duterte in times of distress

After President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his feelings of unfamiliarity and exhaustion with his new post, netizens were quick to give him comfort in the form of prayers, pleas, and words of encouragement, in different online posts and comments sections.

Many have showed their concern for the President’s health as they have considered his age and nature of work. Dueterte has said that upon going home, he would immediately sleep because he would be so tired.

Some have said that he was destined to be the President of the nation therefore he should not fear because God is looking over him. They also pledged that they won’t leave him hanging, that they will always be there to support him especially in times of weakness.

He was also showered with words of encouragement, that may he be blessed with more courage, bravery, and strength.

Needless to say, many have been touched by his show of emotions that are a stark contrast to his usual strong demeanour.

The President said that he is not used to his new lifestyle but his will to work will be constant. He won the presidency with the support of more than 16, 601, 997 Filipinos. | ASCS

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