Mocha Uson appointed as Customs consultant

UPDATE -  After reports circulating rapidly in social media about delegation of Mocha as BOC 'social media consultant', Faeldon immediately clarified that there will be no official appointment will be given to Uson.

Faeldon explained that Uson can just instead write articles about BOC on her blog and she will not be paid by this service.

“We’re looking at the millions of followers she has. We need the support of everyone in our reform agenda,” Faeldon told media.

“Her blog is active. I’m sure she can help. Wala siyang bayad. She is willing to help in the name of public service,” he added.

Earlier today, ABS-CBN reported that Mocha Uson has been tapped as "social media consultant" at the Bureau of Customs. Uson is a performing artist and said to be one of President Rodrigo Duterte's fiercest supporters and she is known to defend Pres. Duterte on latter's critics.

Faeldon, a previous military radical, is executing clearing changes in an organization labeled by Duterte as among the most degenerate in the administration. The BoC is in charge of a fifth of aggregate government income. 

Uson runs Facebook page, which has almost four million followers, where she consistently connects with the President's supporters, whom she calls "Mga ka-DDS" or "Die-hard Duterte Supporters."

Well, we will wait for Uson's side about the story to give light on the issue.

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Source: ABS-CBN News, Kicker Daily

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