Zambaonga Mayor issued advisory re Pokemon Go game
Photo by: Manila Bulletin
Are you one of those gamers hooked with the latest craze here -- the Pokemon Go?

In Zamboanga City, Mayor Maria Isabelle Salazar has issued an advisory for Pokemon Go players in a bid to exercise caution and safety.

“We need to issue that advice in order to ensure public safety as we want our constituents to exercise due caution while enjoying the game application,” Salazar said in a press statement.

Salazar emphasized in her advisory that the city government “enjoins all Pokemon Go enthusiasts to exercise due caution while playing the game.”

“Please prioritize your safety above all else, avoid playing the game while driving and crossing streets and do not trespass on other people’s properties. Do not venture in dark and secluded places to catch that rare Pokemon,” read the advisory.

Salazar added that parents should be extra vigilant and must be in constant companion if their children are playing the dangerous game.

“Be wary of lures as these may be used to by unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of players. Always inform your parents, guardians and always have a friend with you when going out to play,” she said.

Also, she stated that players pay respect and silence while playing as “Pokestops and gyms are often located in the churches and mosques, business and government establishments, parks and historic areas.”

“We therefore ask all Pokemon Go players to please respect rules, laws and regulations in these areas,” the mayor added.

“Don’t forget your life outside Pokemon Go. Log off once in a while and do other activities to nurture your relationship and develop your potential, be safe, have fun and happy hunting,” Salazar said. AJRSP

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