PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday that he plans to change the name of Malacañan Palace to "People's Place."

This, according to him will be his plan to scrap imperialism connotation brought by the President's official residence.

"That's not palace. That was once used to be like that at the time those [colonizers] went here and made us slaves – the Spanish and American people. Call it Malacañan Palace, I only call it The People's Palace," Duterte said.

Pres. Rody to rename Malacañan Palace to "People's Place"
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"One day, I will rename it People's Palace," he added.

Duterte had announced earlier that the Malacañan Palace will be open to the public.

"I have new policy: You can now go inside Malacañang," he said earlier.


The government for over 175 years has owned the Malacañan Palace. For years, the palace has been remodeled, expanded, demolished and rebuilt.

Luis Rocha, a Spaniard in the Galleon trade, was the first recorded owner of the place.

By the time the Americans took over in 1892, Malacañan Palace was improved and enlarged. The Palace housed the late President of the Commonwealth Manuel Quezon in 1935.

Malacañan Palace survived the Second World War and the only survivor among the major government buildings of Manila. AJRSP

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Pres. Rody to rename Malacañan Palace to "People's Place" Pres. Rody to rename Malacañan Palace to "People's Place" Reviewed by Kristian S. on 26 August Rating: 5

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