Senator Panfilo Lacson said on Wednesday August 10 that the threat by President Rodrigo Duterte  to impose martial law was just a threat caused by the president’s bullheadedness.

The president got into a spat with Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno after she cautioned judges not to follow his order to report to authorities to explain allegations of their involvement with drugs. The president has named a few judges in a long list of personalities he claimed were involved with drug trade.

“I’m giving you a warning. Don’t create a crisis because I will order everybody in the executive department not to honor you,” Duterte said to Sereno.

“Please do not, you say, create a constitutional issue. There will be. Don’t order me, I’m telling you. I hope you are listening.”

Lacson: Martial Law by Duterte ‘just a threat’ caused by his ‘bullheadedness’
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“You want me to be frank? You’re interfering.  Please, don’t order me. I’m not a fool. If this continues, you’re trying to stop me, I might lose my cool. Or would you rather I declare martial law?” he added.

 Meanwhile Lacson, when asked about the president’s statement, claims that this was  just a threat and Duterte wouldn’t push through with it.

“His bullheadedness is epic,” the senator said in a text message. He added, “By now, we should already be familiar with his antics especially when making spontaneous statements or announcements to media.” 

 He also said that even if the president was serious, defying the Supreme Court “is always an individual responsibility of any person who will ultimately accept the burden of a possible contempt citation”

“Of course, we should know that the martial law threat is just that and nothing more,” the senator added. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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Lacson: Martial Law by Duterte ‘just a threat’ caused by his ‘bullheadedness’ Lacson: Martial Law by Duterte ‘just a threat’ caused by his ‘bullheadedness’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 10 August Rating: 5

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