Leyte Mayor’s son and suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa is planning to return to the country amidst the shoot-on-sight order, and requested Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa to fetch him upon from the airport upon his arrival.

The PNP chief, who visited the wake of a policeman killed during an operation, said that Kerwin’s father told him that his son has sent surrender feelers.

“VIP ‘no? Ako pa magsundo,” dela Rosa said. According to the records of the Bureau of Immigration, Kerwin went to Malaysia but the shoot-on-sight order is still in effect.

Kerwin wants Bato to fetch him from NAIA
Contributed photo to Inquirer
“Yes, this is nonstop. They should not fool us. They might just be saying they will surrender so we will stop our efforts against them.”

Upon surrender, the mayor spent the night at the White House which is the official residence of the PNP chief. Bato insists that his house is an open house and guests will definitely be accommodated.

This is unlike the alleged the drug suspects who were killed in police operations. “They are killed when they put up a fight. (Mayor Espinosa) went to me, he did not put up a fight,” said dela Rosa. “Truth be told, I would have wanted to kill him. But I can’t because he did not fight. That would be against the law.” ASCS

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Source: Inquirer

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