One of the judges in President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug list resigned from his post as a local magistrate in Surigao City.

On August 8, Ezekiel Dagala officially rendered his “irrevocable” resignation to Supreme Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez. “I decided to resign my office after conferring with the office of the Supreme Court Administrator,” said Dagala.

He is a municipal trial court judge in Dapa town in Siargao Island.

Furthermore, he hopes that his resignation would revoke the suspicion of partiality in the investigation that the government may conduct following his alleged involvement in illegal drug trade. Dagala also relentlessly denied that he is linked to illegal drugs, reasoning that his income is barely to sustain his family.

Judge in Duterte’s list resigns
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According to him, he is also open to any lifestyle check. However, he admitted that he owns a “small island” off Del Carmen town in Siargao which was bought years ago at P40,000.

The island became causal to the conflict between the judge and the local police because according to Dagala, Inspector Audrey Rose Rivero conducted a raid in the island without a court warrant.

Locals wold say that the island, named Isla Verde, houses a drug laboratory while others would say that it is a hub for criminal activities. However, the raid was denied by Rivero, saying that they only conducted a routine inspection after they received reports of a shooting incident.

Dagala insisted that Duterte’s list was incomplete and lacked the names of the real drug personalities in the locality. ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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