(UPDATED as of Sept 8, 2016) -- DAVAO City Mayor and Presidential daughter, Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio fires back to the tweet of forensic pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun saying her pregnancy announcement is just a mere political stunt.

"Ah yes PR pero bago ka mag tweet basahin mo muna yung PR ng hindi ka magmukhang dugyot na ampalaya. Please take note, that public officials need to explain their absence in important events. And when I do get the heartache, it will still be a media blitz and when we defy the odds it will be a PR fiesta and you will still be Miss Bittermelon. Problema sa imuha Miss kay di ka ganahan sa Lolo manunglo ka sa mga gisabak, 3 baya ni, buot pasabot ang gaba ani katulohon pud. (The problem with you is you don’t like the grandfather so you curse the children in my womb. There are three here, which means your misfortune will also be threefold). Turn off your twitter, do your work, mind your own business and spare yourself the heartache," read the Facebook page of the lady mayor.

Duterte-Carpio issued a media statement through City Information Office Head, Jeffry Tupas on August 19 explaining why she has not been visible during the Kadayawan Festival.

Inday fires back "bitter" netizen on her pregnancy
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"I hope our thanksgiving this year will be happy. And on this happy note, I would also like to share with you the news that I am pregnant and cannot join you in the merrymaking activities. We are expecting triplets and they are doing well on their 7th week. The human body is made to carry just one baby and I am experiencing threefold all the pregnancy symptoms that a woman goes through," she said in a press statement.

"I am having a hard time with the symptoms as well as the complications of a multifetal pregnancy," she added.

The Presidential daughter also said that despite her condition, she will  continue to work until she will be allowed by the doctors to do so.

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But she was quick to add that she have been advised to avoid crowded places to lessen the chances of acquiring infections.

"I maybe physically weak but rest assured that I am on top of the situation here in our city," Duterte-Carpio said. AJRSP

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