After weeks of being elusive, Iloilo’s biggest drug leaders Melvin Odicta and wife Meriam Odicta were shot to death at the Caticlan Port, 1:30 am today. According to reports, both were travelling from Batangas Port.

Their deaths were confirmed by Senior Superintendent John Mitchel Jamili, Director of Aklan Provincial Police Office, and one of their attorneys, Atty. Gualberto Cataluña.

“Confirmed. I saw them in the hospital. They’re both dead,” Cataluña said.

Iloilo City’s biggest drug group leaders gunned down
Photo from Aksyon Radyo
They were shot while they were walking along the walkway of the Caticlan Jetty Port in Malay, Aklan by two unidentified gunmen who quickly fled the scene. 

According to Cataluña. Meriam was first shot in the back, then his husband in the feet. Melvin was handcuffed by the police patrol. However, by the time they got to the hospital, Melvin was already dead, with gunshots in the head, chest, and buttocks.

Melvin was still able to call Cataluña after being shot in the feet and pleaded to be fetched. Cataluña was shocked upon seeing that Melvin has several other gunshots upon arriving at the hospital.

He testified that the first gunman was unidentified, but the one who had killed Merlin was alive and that he had seen him. He said that Melvin has already felt the threat of assassination.

Four empty shells of what is believed to be from a 45-caliber pistol were recovered from the crime scene.

The two travelled from Batangas, riding a 2GO ship.  They were identified by PDEA-6 as drug group leaders. ASCS

Source: Aksyon Radyo

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