“We are worried with DBM Secretary Benjamin Diokno’s statement saying that the increase in nurses and health workers’ wage is not urgent,” said the National Orthopedic Hospital Workers Union-Alliance of Health Workers (NOHWU-AHW).

According to them, the main reason why health workers are more attracted to look for jobs in other countries is the low income given to them here in the country. They also said that it’s unfair to say that the hike is not urgent because their small salary is barely enough to make ends meet.

Furthermore, they pointed out that the Filipino patients also suffer because the trained nurses are forced to fall in the “brain drain system” because of the lack of sustainable income.

Alliance of health workers demand salary hike of nurses
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At present, they said, a nurse who works in a public hospital receives only PHP18,000 a month. Based on a study, the ideal income to ensure the survival of a family is at least PHP32,500 every month.

The group also said that the health workers’ role should not be overlooked because they are the ones who take care of the sick and provide. Because of this, they are constantly at risk of being infected during their working hours.

However, they appreciate the positive response to increase the salaries of other government personnel especially in the police force but they’re hoping that heath workers like nurses also deserve an increase in salary. ASCS

Source: Manila Bulletin

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