At the senate hearing on extrajudicial killings, Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon said that he wasn’t alarmed by the extrajudicial killings happening in the country, saying that these were ‘nothing new’.

Gordon claims these riding in tandems and the placing of placards on the victims’ bodies were already happening even during the Senator Leila de Lima sat as the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights.

“To be fair to the public, this (placard) is nothing new. It has been done before, even during the time of the Chairman (de Lima) as CHR chair.”

Gordon: Killings existed even when De Lima was CHR chair
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Gordon also said that at the time he was lobbying for the Veteran’s bill while Arroyo was president, a senator from Vermont, USA already expressed his concerns on the unexplained killings.

He also asked for a report on these killings from PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

“This has been occurring long before this administration and beyond it. I want to know from the General, when he comes back, how many people have been killed by riding in tandems? How many cases have been reported and solved? How many have been prosecuted to the successful occurrence?” Gordon said.

Gordon also links the crimes to the Department of Justice who allegedly allied with drug lords.

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“I also would like to know how many cases of people, I think this should be for the Department of Justice, were allowed to escape from prison and have been able to perpetrate killings of people, including mayors, judges, fiscals?” the senator added.

De Lima is leading the senate panel on human rights in its investigations on the unexplained killings in the country. MJM

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