Duterte to UN: Take us out of your organization
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President Duterte once again spit fire to the United Nation on Sunday during a media briefing in Davao City, after the international organization expressed its concerns on the spate of extra-judicial killings in the massive crackdown on illegal drugs.

Malacanang has criticized the UN for not having a clear understanding on what was happening in the country after special rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard tweeted that she will be investigating the situation in the country.

“Kung ganon kayo kabastos, umalis na kami diya sa inyo,” the president said. “Take us out of your organization. You have done nothing anyway.”

He had criticized the agency before due to its inaction regarding other global conflicts such as the war in Syria.

However, in his speech, he said that he is willing to personally meet with UN representatives to provide answers about the drug-related deaths, and as well as to show statistics to back up the ‘effectiveness’ of the campaign.

“I will explain extra-judicial killings, for international release, if you want,” Duterte said. “My orders are for the police to go out and hunt for criminals. I tell them to arrest these criminals if they surrender peacefully, but kill them if they put up a violent struggle. I assume full responsibility for what happens.”

“My job as a president is to protect law-abiding citizens,” he added. “I was never tasked by any law to protect criminals. I say this because 16 million people voted for me and I have a large margin between me and the next candidate.” ASCS

SOURCE: CNN Philippines

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