President Rodrigo Duterte once again fired back to Chief Justice Secreary Maria Lourdes Sereno, saying there is no anarchy despite the number of killings in the campaign against illegal drugs.

“Ma’am, I am sorry but do not give such statement. You said, this country is sliding into anarchy. At no other time that the streets of Manila are almost freed of criminals. You walk around and find out,” the President said.

“Madam Justice, you are again wrong when you say, ‘do not allow yourself to be arrested if there with no warrant’. Dagdagan mo ang patay niyan,” he added. He then lecture the crowd before him about going after criminals even without warrant, and gave his personal experiences with judges when he was still a young prosecutor.

Duterte to Sereno: You are wrong
Photo by Karl Normal Alonzo/PPD
According to him, every Filipino can invoke citizen’s arrest once he is a witness to a crime or a continuing crime. “Kasi kung sabihin mo sa tao ngayon na walang warrant, may baril ako… hearing your worlds, ‘do not allow yourself to be arrested without warrant’ is very dangerous statement.”

“Do you think the military and the police agree that I will do something that will create anarchy and then they remain loyal to me? Ako ang unang papatayin niyan ma’am, sa totoo lang. They have no loyalty to me. These guys are loyal to the Constitution and the Flag,” Duterte added. 

“And for as long as I am doing right, they will support me. If I have the tendency to go ahead with anarchy and be a dictator I will know, they will execute me. That’s the truth if you really want to know. These guys have only… they only have the eyes to the Flag of the Republic of the Philippines and the written manifestation of the Flag is our Constitution.”

Sereno on Thursday said she was concerned over the climate of impunity in the country, related to the war on drugs waged by the President. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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