President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledged the need to look into the cases of extrajudicial killings associated with his war against illegal drugs and said that he will investigate on it.

During an environment summit held in Davao on Thursday, Aug 4, the president said that he is certain that some of these killings were cases of salvage.

“Sigurado ako may sinalvage, sigurado ako diyan and we will investigate”. (I am sure there are victims of salvage, I am sure of it, and we will investigate).

 A huge portion of Duterte’s speech was about his administration’s campaign against illegal drugs. He spoke of 470,000 drug addicts surrendering to the authorities and how it is important to continue the fight against illegal drug trade to prevent the Philippines from becoming a “fractured country”.

Duterte to investigate suspicious drug-related killings
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Duterte’s methods of bringing down drug-trade and putting the people behind it to justice have earned criticisms from several human rights groups. These groups claim that such methods lacked due process and paid no heed to individual human rights.

The Philippine National Police has recorded more than 400 drug personalities who were killed in their operations. They claim that these suspects fought back, leaving them with no choice but to kill. The president supports and defends these claims.

“May baril talaga ‘yan, at maniwala kayo ditan sa mga pulis na ‘yan” he said. (They really carry guns, believe what the police say).

Duterte recognizes the danger that the police face in conducting these operations.

“Lumalaban talaga ‘yan” (they really fight back).

Aside from the suspects killed during police operations, there were several suspected drug personalities who  were killed mysteriously. 

In some cases, bodies were found along streets and in alleys. The victims were mostly tied up, with cardboards placed beside their bodies indicating that they were associated with drug trade. Some of these victims do not match the profiles of drug suspects, and their families claim that these were cases of mistaken identity.

PNP claims that these mysterious killings might have been the result of  different drug syndicates going against each other. MJM

Source: Rappler

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