64 soldiers who were wounded in their line of duty were invited to the banquet. They were injured during their operations against groups such as the Abu Sayaff and the New People’s Army in Western and Central Mindanao.

President Rodrigo Duterte gave them assurance that their welfare will be well taken care of under his presidency. Financial support will also be given to them. The Commander-in-Chief also promised promotions to the fighters.

“My presidency will take care of you. Wala kayo dapat alalahanin,” Duterte said.

Duterte honors wounded soldiers at Palace Dinner
Photo by RTVM
According to the head of state, the P4.6 billion allotted for the widows and retired soldiers has already been released.

Meanwhile, the President gave words of encouragement for the soldiers, that they may rebuild their lives not only for themselves but also for the betterment of the motherland.

“Do not be too sentimental about it because there is life after being wounded.” ASCS

Source: Manila Bulletin

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