Duterte threats businessmen practicing ‘endo’: End ‘endo’ or I kill you
photo from inquirer
Amid his current campaign on drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte is also working on one of his promises during the campaign period which is to end ‘endo’ or the practice of contractualization that denies workers of regular and stable employment.

The President has already issued to the business owners a warning:

“I’m telling this to you. I’m just issuing a warning. You choose: stop contractualizaation or I kill you,” he said on Wednesday night. “You know why? I can utter things like that. I am the President. I have immunity. I can summon you. I will shoot you [and order] ‘Bring him to the funeral parlor. You’re making me angry.”

According  to Labor Secretary Silvestro Bello III, the DOLE is lacking manpower to be able to inspect business establishment in the country. However, he also said that a careful and thorough study on the proposal to criminalize the hiring of contractual workers is needed.

“We have to study that very, very carefully because it might be too harsh to criminalize contractualization.”

Bello said that his initial position would be administrative penalty, which is to issue closure and cancellation permits. He also said that one particular company that employs over 500 people is facing possible closure because its employees are underpaid, which is a violation of the minimum wage law. ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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Duterte threats businessmen practicing ‘endo’: End ‘endo’ or I kill you Duterte threats businessmen practicing ‘endo’: End ‘endo’ or I kill you Reviewed by Kristian S. on 05 August Rating: 5

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