On Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte himself confirmed the operations of a major Mexican drug cartel, Sinaloa, via transhipment.

According to him, The Sinaloa cartel is known to be the largest source of illegal drugs to the US and they’re using the Philippines as an intermediate destination because of the difficulty of reaching the States.

“Is Mexico into us? Yes, Sinaloa of Mexico, iyong cartel nila. Tayo ang transhipment. Kasi in-interdict sila ng mga Amerikano, talagang binobomba sila so dito sila sa transhipment,” the President said.

photo by Ace Morandante/Presidential Photographers Division 
He also said that if he won’t be able to stop illegal drugs in the country, then no other president can ever solve the problem. Furthermore, he said that he is willing to put not only his presidency but also his life at stake during the fight against illegal drugs.

“Okay lang sa’kin whatever happens… Itong problema ng bayan especially drugs, I’m putting at stake my honor, my life, and the presidency.’

P420 million worth of shabu was confiscated in Batangas in 2013, and was later ontraced to the Sinaloa drug syndicate. The DOJ also indicted a Mexican man last year, and he is believed to be a leader of the cartel. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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