In response to President Duterte’s  statement that she should resign, Senator Leila de Lima said on Monday that she has done no wrong and that she has already been prejudged.

De Lima claims that resigning would mean that she admits to the allegations thrown at her.

The senator also reiterated her decision not to attend the inquiry in the proliferation of drugs in the New Bilibid Prisons during her term ads Justice Secretary.

On Sunday, she called the House investigation as the president’s  “kangaroo court” and an “inquisition straight  from the dark ages.”

De Lima refuses to resign, says she is neither weak nor guilty
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“On the call for resignation, you know, I’ve told you, that has also crossed my mind so they would be quiet, so they would leave me alone, and so that my life will be peaceful… that I just resign,” De Lima said.

“But after much reflection, I repeat: Resignation at this point will be an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness. And I’m neither weak nor guilty,” she added.

Duterte urged de Lima to resign on Monday, adding that if he were de Lima he would “hang himself”.

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This was an addition to the many hits Duterte has thrown at the senator.

House speaker Pantaleon Alvarez who will lead the congressional inquiry urged de Lima to attend, claiming that her public denials would not suffice.

“That will be difficult. I know that I have nothing to do with that. And I’m judged guilty already by the President. And then you think that House Speaker will be anything near fair to me?,” De Lima said in an interview at the Senate.

“I’m already judged guilty, I’m finished in so far as the President is concerned kaya that’s why he’s asking me to resign. And then I go and face [the House inquiry]? Wala na kong kahihiyan sa sarili ko nun ah,” she added. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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