On Tuesday, Senator Leila de Lima delivered a privilege speech concerning the high toll of extrajudicial killings in the war on drugs initiated by President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP.

De Lima, being a strong advocate for human rights, called for a joint senate probe into the killings—an initiative that was scoffed at by her fellow public officials with regards to her alleged failure to eradicate the issues in the New Bilibid Prison during her term as the DOJ secretary.

In her speech, she reiterated the worsening case of illegal drug activity in the country that she deems as a threat to the government, the people, and the society in general. However, she said, millions of people put into office someone whose voice resonated down to the smallest communities.

She then expressed her support to the campaign of President Duterte, even emphasizing efforts during her term as justice secretary. However, she felt dismayed  that she is being lambasted online with manipulated photos and spliced videos to ruin her reputation and good image.

“Mr. President, I have been vilified and attacked, not only in social media but also by the President’s men, as a drug lord coddler and protector. […] My only defense is my honor and dignity.”

De Lima: My only defense is my honor and my integrity
photo from ABS-CBN
She said that she is already seen as an enemy of the administration and that she is a drug lord coddler and against the war on drugs because she is a protector of the drug trade. De Lima refuses to stay silent with all these lies “created in the backroom of a media strategy office suite.”

Aside from pleading to have investigations before accusing her of anything, she also called on to the President to wage the war against drugs in another way aside from “this method that brings us to our collective descent into impunity, fear, and ultimately, utter and complete inhumanity.” She said that we cannot wage the war against drugs with blood.

“We will only be trading drug addiction with another more malevolent kind of addiction.”

De Lima lamented that we must find another way, one that is not labeled as “cardboard justice”. She narrated the killings of mistaken or unarmed “alleged” users or pushers. She called this a “gorefest”.

All throughout the latter part of her speech, the senator gave emphasis on how the murders must be stopped, immediately. She pleaded to the president, “drugs destroy lives, but we need not to destroy lives to destroy drugs.” ASCS

Source: ABS-CBN

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