Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said on Tuesday that China has now allowed Filipino fishermen to sail into Scarborough.

But no date was set yet for when free entry will begin.

He said this issue has been raised by President Rodrigo Duterte in a recent meeting with Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua last Friday.

"That's exactly one of the things na inilapit yata ng Presidente [that the President asked]: to treat our people not as enemies, that let us not be adversaries but instead that we're friends - parang gano'n [something like that] - to allow them to be able to fish," he said.

China to allow PH fishermen in Scarborough Shoal
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He added that the talks between two countries are optimistic.

"There are maybe kinks in the relationship; there is a positive opening. There is a window of opportunity," he said. "I don't know about the exact [date] kung pwede na (for Filipino fishermen to enter Scarborough Shoal), but nailapit 'yan and sabi naman nila, oo," he said.

Duterte on Monday called on Chinese nationals to treat Filipinos as "brothers," not "enemies," and to "take note of the plight of our citizens." AJRSP

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