Roman Catholic Bishops are once again reminding both church workers and the faithful of the Gospel’s message of hope for sinners, especially drug pushers and users.

“While we vehemently protest the increase of summary killings, we must get our pastoral act together to minister to those in need of mercy and pastoral compassion as they dream of better lives after recovering from drug abuse,” said CBCP President Socrates Villegas, last Friday at a formation seminar on pastoral care of drug users.

The CBCP has been clamouring to end the extrajudicial killings of alleged drug pushers and users. “The recent increase of vigilante killings related to the drug abuse problem brings us disconcerting pastoral grief and calls for concerted pastoral action,” he said.

CBCP inspired drug pushers: There’s hope for sinners
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He called on for the priests, nuns, and lay catechists present in the seminar to unite against drugs but offer an alternative to killing criminals.

Villegas disclosed that they are preparing a 10-session training workshop for facilitators for Narcotics Anonymous in selected parishes in the Archdiocese in Lingayen-Dagupan. Narcotics Anonymous should minister with genuine caring attitude for people and with sufficient communication and basic counselling skills, he said.

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“Our weapon is love not vengeance. The blood of the Lord is enough.”

Meanwhile, the Salesian priests of Don Bosco Philippines-North Province issued a statement, saying that they are alarmed by the recent wave of extrajudicial killings, especially of vigilantes romancing the streets.

“Such violent procedure in tackling the situation mentioned above has caused justified apprehension among the majority of our citizens who are against any form of drug trafficking but expect justice to be rendered according to law.”

They also said that they share the same perception with the President “that many law enforcers and our present judicial systems have often failed to bring to justice the perpetrators of such heinous crimes, which, in an even greater degree, have been victimizing millions of our young people and their families,” they said in their statement. ASCS

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