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Regarding his statement about leaving the UN, President Rodrigo Duterte clarified that he wasn’t serious with his threat last Sunday, August 21.

“Hindi ka marunong magbiro pa? Saan tayo mag-join, Association ng mga Lumubog?” he told reporters on Tuesday.

He again expressed his disbelief for the UN repporteurs and experts whom he called “rude” for calling him out on the extrajudicial killings in the country. “Napakabastos naman niya, Do not do that because you are addressing me as a president, and you’re pointing to the police structure. 

This is a government, why would she—gaga ba siya? So there has to be a superior who will write her a letter, ‘Hoy, respeto’, sabihin mo sa kanya before saying anything about genocide,” said the irked president.

According to him, he would rather that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon write to him about their concerns. “Eh di si Ban Ki ang magsulat sa akin para sabihin ko sa kanya wala ka namang ginawa. Hindi mo matapos ‘yung giyera sa ano, until now, people are being massacred by the thousands, by the hundreds.”

Because of the organization’s failure to put an end to the Syrian crisis and the mass kidnapping of girls in Nigeria, the president tagged them as “one useless inutile body."

Source: Rappler

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