Davao City — PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte vowed on Monday evening to go after tax evaders.

He warned that rich businessmen that they better pay their correct taxes or else be banned from travelling.

“I will order the Bureau of Internal Revenue to file cases against tax evaders, hindi kayo makakalabas ng Pinas, bayaran ninyo kung ano ang assessment na dapat niyong bayaran (you will not be allowed to go abroad, pay whatever the assessed amount of tax),” he said in a press conference on Monday night at Hotel Elena, Lanang, Davao City.

“I will tell the immigration ‘stop him kasi may violation yan (he has committed a violation). Once it’s pending in court, your freedom of movement is (restricted),” Duterte added.

Bizmen in focus: Pres. Rody to go after tax violators
Photo by AJRSP
He then guaranteed that to those who will be paying correct taxes will need not to worry as he will not let anyone harassed or put them in trouble with their business endeavors.

“If a businessman has been paying correct taxes then you are free of any worry,” he said.

The President said that he will be asking from the BIR a list of the evaders and will send the police to homes of businessmen who failed to pay the correct tax.

“I ask media to accompany the police,” he said.

He explained that the authority will ask them (tax violators) why they have not paid taxes correctly in front of the media.

“The police will go to where you are and let you answer why are not paying your proper taxes while in fact you are enjoying the Philippines, that simple,” the President said.  AJRSP

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