“ill-advised and half-baked.”

This was how Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma described Presidet Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to release a list containing the names of over 150 officials involved in drug trade.

Palma, 66 said that while it is necessary to put a war against illegal drugs, due process and rule of law must be observed.

“There are people who welcome the President’s move to name names, but there are also those who are anxious of what he did,” Palma told reporters after ordaining 12 new priests at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in Cebu City on Tuesday.

Bishop criticizes Duterte’s drugs list
Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma. Photo by Inquirer
The archbishop said that dignity is just as important as life itself.

“The President said it (contents of drug list) may be true or may not be true. The question is what if it’s not true? Names were already revealed in public. How could those who may have been wrongly accused redeem their dignity and the good name they built all these years?” he said.

Palma was also surprised that the name of Judge Roberto Natividad was included in the list. Natividad was shot to death in Calbayog City in 2008. 

Palma, being a part of the Diocese of Calbayog, said he was surprised when the name was called out.

He said that the list was either outdated or unrealistic. “While we appreciate the efforts against illegal drugs, we also question the process things are done,” he added. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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