A policeman credited with 65 recent arrests  and described by his superior as the “best intelligence officer I have ever known” was shot to death by a shabu peddler in Antipolo City.

Senior Insp. Mark Gil Garcia, 37, chief of the special operations unit of the Rizal provincial police, was with a team that conducted a buy-bust operation shortly before 8 p.m. on Friday in Sitio Maagay 1, Barangay Inarawan.

According to the Antipolo police chief, Supt. Simnar Gran, the team met with two pushers, William Malana and an unidentified cohort.

Best intel cop killed in drug bust
Photo by Inquirer
Malana handed over P300 worth of shabu, but sensed the trap and ran back to his house. Malana’s accomplice was shot dead. Garcia followed the suspect as he ran and that was when Malana shot him in the upper left thigh with an improvised shotgun.

Malana was killed by other officers while Garcia passed away due to blood loss two hours later in the Antipolo District Hospital.

The mission was Garcia’s third for that day.

“He was one of my most hardworking, efficient and brightest policemen. He worked nonstop,” according to the provincial police chief, Senior Supt. Adriano Enong Jr.

“He is the best intelligence officer I have ever known. He was not expected to be in the operations—he only had to supervise them—but he was there. He was a good leader,” he added.

Garcia led operations that resulted in the arrest of 65 drug suspects in Rizal since June. “That’s practically one arrest per day,” Enong noted.

Garcia left behind a widow and three children. The youngest being a two-month-old son. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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