Philippine National Police chief officer Ronald dela Rosa warned those involved in illegal gambling that the war will soon be on them.

“Their days are numbered,” said PNP chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa of operators of illegal numbers games, like Jueteng and Last Two.

Jueteng is a Luzon-based illegal numbers game and Last Two is based on the results of the government-sanctioned lotto.

Dela Rosa claims that there is a decrease in crime volume in the country after Rodrigo Duterte became president. He said crime volume went down by 49 percent and that this is a manifestation of the government’s effectiveness especially on its campaign against drugs and criminality.

The PNP chief claims that the crimes dropped because the police focused on eradicating drug trade first, which is the root of majority of the crimes.

Bato on gambling lords: Their days are numbered
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“This only goes to show that most of the crimes that are happening in our communities are drug-related. That’s why when we focused our resources and attention on the drug problem, crimes also dropped,” he said.

According to the Northern Mindano police, the regional crime volume for July this year dipped by 44 percent compared to July in the last two years.

“Our assessment points to the link and direct effect of the diminished presence of illegal drugs in the streets as a result of the intensified anti-illegal campaign,” said regional police Supt. Surki Serenas.

According to PNP, most crimes are caused by drug use.

“This campaign is just starting,” Dela Rosa said.

“Let us continue with our campaign as long as what we are doing is in compliance with the law and respect of human rights,” he added. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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