After seemingly urging drug users and pushers to kill or burn down the houses of known drug lords, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa expressed his apology on Friday.

During his visit to the Western Visayas regional police office, he said that he was merely driven by his emotions when he addressed the surrendered drug users and pushers in Bacolod the previous day.

“Sa sama ng loob ko, kaharap ko ‘yung mga pobreng tao, yung mga user at pusher na mukhang zombie. Kaya sa sama ng loob ko, galit na galit ako kaya nasabi ko iyun,” Dela Rosa said.

Bato apologizes for threat to burn down houses of drug lords
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On Thursday, he also urged those who surrendered to change their ways because they would end up dead otherwise, either through a police buy-bust op or because of continued drug use. He also told them to “return to God”.

However, many were dismayed at how the police general handled his “emotional outburst”. He, being the top cop of the country, should be a prime example of promoting the rule of law and not encouraging violence and vigilantism.

“Kahapon, pasensiya na kung ano nasabi ko na hindi kanais-nais. Maraming nagrereact. I am very sorry; tao lang po ako na nagagalit lang. Nakikita ko ang mukha ng mga taong kaawa-awa talaga. I don’t know kung mase-save pa natin sila,” Dela Rosa said on Friday.

Meanwhile, Chief Presidential Counsel Salvador Panela said that it was merely drama. 

“You know Filipinos, they won’t listen if there is no exaggeration—it was just an exaggeration.” ASCS

Source: Rappler

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