Former president and current Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now set to take the position of deputy speaker for Central Luzon in the House of Representatives.

Arroyo was released a few weeks ago by the Supreme Court after a four-year hospital detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

The former president claims that two days ago, she was nominated by lawmakers from Central Luzon for the position and was given a round of applause.

Photo by Inquirer’s Lyn Rillon
“We had lunch together and our president [Bulacan Rep. Linabelle Ruth] Villarica told our fellow members, ‘We would like to nominate our former president to be represented as deputy speaker.’ We clapped. Okay, okay. Approve, approve. That’s how it goes,” Arroyo said to reporters.

The move to appoint Arroyo as deputy speaker is seen as a part of the current administration’s plan to test how a government would work on a federal system.

Arroyo was accompanied by husband Mike Arroyo when she returned to VMMC to donate two dialysis units which could cater to at most 60 patients daily.

The former president is now suffering from a rare spine disease and is set to fly to Munich, Germany next month to undergo “stem cell therapy”. She also said that she is bound for France and Hong Kong to “meet Filipino communities” there. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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