After hearing the news about the fifteen who were killed in Patikul, Mila Falcasantos sent his son a text message. He is a private first class in the Army’s 35th Infantry Battalion.

The message read, “Son musta jan?” and was sent at 6:40 pm on Monday.

Falcasantos, mid-60s and a mother of seven, was on edge while waiting for her son’s reply but it did not come. At least not yet.

At 6:44 am the following day, she received a terrifying message. “Patay na ang son mu, wala na ang ulo niya pinutulan na naming ng ulo kahapon.”

Abu Sayyaf beheads soldier, tells the mother through text
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“Wala kayong konsensya,” the mother replied and to which the terror group responded, “Talaga wala kaming konsensya dahil nagpunta sila dito sa lugar naming pati ikaw puputulan din kita ng ulo.”

Falcasantos reached out to a military officer in Jolo, who is also her relative, and asked for confirmation. Indeed, her son Pfc. Jison Falcasantos was one of the 15 soldiers who were killed on Monday afternoon, and that her son was beheaded.

“He saw my son’s body, and two other soldiers, including an officer, had also been beheaded.”

She called on to President Duterte to end the Abu Sayyaf menace so that there wouldn’t be more lives lost. She admitted to knowing the risks involved in being a soldier but the beheading, according to her, was unexpected. “I did not raise him so he would end that way.”

The army deployed in the area mounted an offensive after the terror group ignored the pleas of the President to release the hostages they kidnapped for ransom.

There are at least 16 foreign hostages and five Filipinos held captive by the Abu Sayyaf.

By Tuesday, there were already 15 men who were killed, according to the report of Maj. Filemon Tan Jr., spokesperson of the Western Mindanao Command. 21 Abu Sayyaf men were also killed.

However, Tan denied the reports that soldiers were beheaded by the bandits. “There is no truth to the beheading of our soldiers,” he said via text message.

The other soldiers who were killed in the clash were 2nd Lt. Ernan Gusto, S/Sgt. Ruel A. Catubay; Sgt. Jay Elwin I. Almohallas; Corporals Omar M. Raddulan, Elid E. Ismael and Saik H. Mandangan; Privates First Class Nestor B. Bacaling Jr., Geral A. Yubal, Dhendo A. Dujo, Roselito A. Arnoco, Glend C. Resma, Ronald Galloniga, Rogelio Vincoy Jr.; and Pvt. Jonas A. Lumayan.

“As we gaze at the national flag that flies at half-staff anew, soldiers knew that one too many hero among them has again offered his life—that others may live,” said Gen. Ricardo Visaya, AFP chief of staff.

According to him, the military is determined to get rid of the Abu Sayyaf menace in our country but he also acknowledged that there may still be casualties in the process.

“We have all the time. Keep the pressure on the enemy until they wear out. Just ensure that they won’t be able to leave the island and we will be triumphant in the end.

Ernesto Abella, presidential spokesperson, said that it is unfortunate to already have a number of troops as casualties. However, he said, they are on full force and on an all-out operation against the bandits.

Five battalions or around 2,500 troops would be sent to Sulu province to go after the bandits. The President, meanwhile, ensures that the threat posed by the terror group will be “terminated as soon as possible.” ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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