“I am not used to this kind of life", said Pres. Duterte during an address to the officers of the League of Cities and Provinces yesterday.

President Duterte is presently feeling forlorn at the top – and struggling with being exhausted and came up short on in spite of the hero worship of millions who gave him the greatest number of votes in history for any Philippine presidential competitor.

“Do not feel shortchanged. My will to work is there. But if you ask me if I’m happy, I am not. It’s lonely. And even when I am home, it is still work,” he added.

Pres. Duterte feels lonely at the top: I am not used to this kind of life
Photo by PhilStar. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte wipes his tears as he visits the tomb of his late father Gov. Vicente Duterte
He conceded feeling uncomfortable being called or tended to as President, as he offered to leave and clear his post in three to four years if or when the French model of an elected arrangement of government is received in the nation.

There were times, he proceeded with, that he would shed tears while strolling, recollecting his dad, or contemplating the issues confronting him as President of the nation. It is amid these minutes that he would just let himself know "That is life." 

Nagpaloko lang kasi ako… gusto ko suntukin ‘yung (nanloko),” Duterte said.

“Tapos pag-uwi ko magba-barge… matulog. Wala na lahat. Pagod ka na… tapos tinanong ko ang sweldo, 130 – ‘Di mabuti pa nag-mayor ako yon lang pala. Ewan ko nga kung may allowance pa ako dito o wala. Hindi ako makatanong. Wala man akong matanungan” he said, alluding to the stream crossing he makes every night from the Palace to Bahay Pagbabago over the Pasig, the Coast Guard ever ready.

The President focused on the main reason he is staying in the occupation is his love for the nation. | ROD

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Source: PhilStar

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Pres. Duterte feels lonely at the top: I am not used to this kind of life Pres. Duterte feels lonely at the top: I am not used to this kind of life Reviewed by Kristian S. on 29 July Rating: 5

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