In what could easily be regarded as a form of subtle protest, the Philippine government is refusing to stamp its visas on the new Chinese e-passport which has a map that includes its 9-dash line claim to most area of the South China Sea.

Instead, the visa will be stamped on a separate application form.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, “This action is being undertaken to avoid the Philippines being misconstrued as legitimizing the 9-dash line every time a Philippine visa is stamped on such Chinese e-passport.”

PH declines stamping of Chinese passports
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Through this, the Philippines reiterates its protest against China’s claim over almost the entirety of the disputed sea.

Vietnam, who also has claims on the South China Sea, has also refused to stamp the Chinese passports. Taiwan, self-governing but is claimed by Beijing to be a part of China, also condemned the map.

The u-shaped 9-dash line is used by both China and Taiwan for their claim to a vast area of the South China Sea that includes the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands—that are also claim by different neighbouring countries. | ASCS - FNPH

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